3 Wooden Cat Tree Tower

If you think that you have a pets and that pets are cats. Wooden cat tree, of your choice must have in your home. Moreover, you must be conscious about their livings and all other activities because they love to stay in peace and clean place. They are use to play on the trees and enjoy to jump branch on the trees. Cats also have a natural need and habit of scratching their claws and remove all the dead tissues from them and want the new one. Therefore, they want to do their waste things in a specific place where they use to do this.

Wooden cat tree towers are having specifications for which you must be careful. When you have a cat in your house it will use your furniture for all those activities. So that furniture can be spoil and waste just because of the cat’s activities. So you must and purchase a cat tree from the cat market which can give your cat a perfect comfort and feel natural tree. If the cat feel that as it wants to then it will be a great thing for your cat and it will love to play and spend time on that tree.

Top 3 Wooden Cat Tree – Tower Furniture Review

Cats are available in all sizes now it’s up to you which cat you like to have with you as a pet. As per the size of cats you have to select the cat tree tower because these are also available in all sizes which you need. The right cat wood tree will be the perfect piece of your house. It can be the nice a tasteful, in addition to other things at your house. You can easily adjust that cat tree in your room and the advanced featured trees in traditional style will give a perfect view of decor in your room.

There are many wooden trees, mini bedrooms, shelves and cat houses are available in the market. These wooden cat trees are not only perfect places for the cats but also give them feeling of owing their territory where they can live freely. They can use that place as they want to do. The wooden material and in some extent artificial soft leaves will give them a natural feel. These are Top 3 Wooden Cat Tree Towers:

1. Sauder Woodworking Modern Wooden Cat Tree – Modular 42″

Cats love and naughty pets so that they must not be bored with any of your act or the place which may wooden cat tree - Sauder Tower make them unpleasant. So the cat furniture should also be very attractive for them. There must be a lot of features available which may give them a feel of natural place. This Sauder Woodworking Modular is a modern cat tower which looks like a natural tree. These bristle, beds, hanging toys as well as the climbing steps are the features of this wooden tower which seems like a mini jungle. It provides all the concerning things for the cats to play, scratch and sleep well.


  • It has two nesting places for the convenience of cats.
  • The climbing steps are padding so that they can climb easily.
  • The elastic string of the tower has a toy.
  • It is made with fabric covered which is from both sides.

2. Vesper Wooden Cat Tree -Tower Furniture

This is the perfect and advanced designed cat furniture which is made of wood and seems very nice and Wooden Cat Tree Vesper Towerinnovative. It is a cats’ friendly featured furniture which designed to fulfill all the needs of the cats which they have during living. All the concerning activities of cats having in mind on priority basis while manufacturing this product. There are posts, perches, condos, tunnels and platforms made in this tower and especially the scratching area. It is good in height which attracts the purchaser in first look. The small and slim scratching area makes it more attractive and it has a cube shaped cave with soft cushions to give comfortable napping.


  • This is an elegant cat tree which is not only good in looks but also practical in its use.
  • This is the perfect product with all features and made of solid wood.
  • It has cubic cave with 2 platforms.
  • Inside the cave there are soft and smooth cushions placed for relaxing.
  • It is an outclass place for your cat to do all the activities.

3. The Refined Feline Wooden Cat Tree- Tower Lotus

Wooden cat tree,  Lotus towers were a little bad reputation before a long time ago just because of a little mistake of the Refined Tower - Wooden Cat Tree workers in the factories. But when they received complaints from the customers they tried to change the complete way of working and even changed all their factories and workers. After doing this now they introduced the best and durable wooden cat trees in the market. And they are doing good to maintain their good repute in the market. Now your cat will has the good living place and will love it.


  • Brown colored wooden cat tower.
  • Natural sisal pad used for scratching.
  • Soft cushions available in the living area.
  • Easy to assemble with included tools.


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