Van Ness Sifting Cat Litter Boxes

The van ness sifting cat litter boxes are especially made for the bigger cats and the hood in its features helps odor from spreading out and creating a messy and yucky environment. These are the ideal products for the clumping litter and help to maintain the waste without creating any bad situation. These boxes are manufacturing for the perfection in use for all in one. Van Ness litters made in USA, durable in quality which is based on the fine as well as thick plastic. The product featured with odor door which makes it easy to remove the waste.

The van ness sifting box is reliable in using for the pets. One who loves to have cats as pets must be conscious about the living of the cats and their things. Because the cats are the most loving pets which love to spend more time with their owners in playing and enjoying the time. They also feel that their owners give them complete care and love. For this cause a cat owner should have the best cat litter box so that his cats feel easy to live in.

Top 3 Van Ness Sifting Cat Litter Boxes / Pans

As we all know about the market products relating to the cats. As other products are available in the market, same like there are a lot of quality litter boxes also available in the market with the convenient and comfortable features. All are different in shapes and features. These are for multiply use by the multiple householders.

The best cat litter box for your cat must convenience one. Probably that can fulfill all the desirable needs and requirements. Hence, select the One which constructed with the high quality material. It can use  easily and may be for the long time. All the needs of cleaning besides, maintaining the box in busy routine can fulfill. The manufacturer after considering these aspect, designed these product for the best use at all. For your entire knowledge regarding the boxes. Here we may discuses about Top 3 Van Ness Sifting Cat Litter Boxes / Pans as mentioned:

1. Van Ness CP5 Sifting  Litter Box with Frame


You can save your time in cleaning the pan by the van ness sifting pan. This is designed with the Van Ness Litter Box 1advanced and high quality features which are 2 nesting pans and one sifting screen which helps in clumping litter. When you lift the screen from the top of the pan it will shift the entire waste throw out in the pan. You can also change this sifting screen when it needed. The plastic used in its making is very comfortable in cleaning the box.


  • This is a high polished pan which is saved from the stains.
  • It also has a framed pan which increases the height of the pan and helps in sifting the waste.
  • It is the product made in USA.
  • Available in assorted colors.
  • And the most important thing is easy to clean.

2. Van Ness Large Enclosed Cat Litter Pan


The person who wishes to have a well featured rather than classy pan for his cats them he must go for this large Van Ness Large Litter Boxtranslucent enclosed cat litter pan. This is available in assorted colors which make is nice in looks. This product is including with the odor door, therefore, filter helps in securing the cat and its owner from the smelly environment and the attack of germs which may cause a harmful condition for both. It is an easy to clean litter box. The front door of the box makes the cat comfortable in entering as well as coming out from the box.


  • This is an ideal product for the cat and the cat owner who wants a high standard product.
  • Its filter is helping in managing the waste.
  • The odor door makes the environment fresh and healthy by controlling it.
  • This box has a handle which makes it easy to carry and adjust in any place.
  • High polished and easy to clean product.

3. Van Ness Extra Large Enclosed Cat Pan & Litter Box

These types are bigger van ness sifting cat litter boxes. These are designing  for the big sized cats. It also provides the leading class material Van Ness Sifting Cat Litter Boxesin its making and has an odor door, which helps in throwing out the yucky odor. It has a replaceable zeolite air filter, as a result. it filtered the smelly odor and gives a fresh environment. The box also eliminates the scattering of litter and gives a fine fragrant place. This is a comfortable as well as easy to clean box for all types of cats.


  • It provides class leading odor control features.
  • Highly polished with perfect finishing that controls stains on it.
  • The top and the bottom of the box are secured with the plastic tie.