3 Small Cat Tree Houses

Cats are not only the pets but also the good companions in your lonely times. They love to play with you and behaved like the kids of yours. Most probably, they love  to live in small cat tree house. Most of the owners also behave with these cats like the parents and take care of them with the core of their heart. Cats always want to have the attention of the owners and others so that they spend their most of the time by doing activities. They love to play with balls and other toys. They enjoy in doing fishing and get the treats.

Cats are use to do scratching and stretching to maintain their body fit and fine. They love to have privacy in their sleeping time and relaxing modes. Mostly cats do their things with care and clean places. They want to sit in the soft places which give them comfort as well as ease in relaxing and staying. The small cats usually behave like a little kid who needs care and love with proper attention. The houses made for them must be very convenient and safe so that they live there without any fear.

Top 3 Small Cat Tree House

There are a lot of cat small tree houses available in the market which has their specialties and features for good stance and perfect looks. Small cats need the place where they must be safe and sound. So if you have small cats in your house you must be choosy on these things. You have to go for the things which should be convenient for your small cats and they feel comfortable in doing all activities at that place.

There are some important things which must be in one’s mind while selecting the cat house for the small cats. These facts are to have the house which gives soft and comfortable environment to your small cat. The cat house you get should be looked great so that it can be adjustable in house. The place in the house should be clean and easy to maintain. There is many more to discuss so that we are going to share some discussion of these Top 3 Small Cat Tree Houses to give you an idea.

1. TRIXIE  Small Cat Tree House Darling Scratching Castle

This Trixie My Kitty Darling Scratching Castle is the perfect product for the kittens as well as for the small catsTRIXIE Small Cat Tree House. It provides them a lot of opportunities while staying and playing in it. They can play, scratch and explore the new activities there in the castle. These small kitties can use the posts of the castle which are made of sisal rope to scratch their claws instead of utilizing your furniture and carpets. If they play and need a place of hiding then your small kitty can crawl inside the castle which is based with the plush fabric. There are also 2 plush cushions available inside the castle to make it more comfortable for your small cat.


  • This is especially designed for the small cats and kittens.
  • This condo connected to the tower with the help of internal crawl.
  • It has a removable bed which is ring shaped.
  • 2 removable cushions are in the castle.
  • It has a play blanket with rustling foil.

2. Armarkat Small Cat Tree House Condo Upto 60″

Armarkat cat tree furniture condo is remarkable as well most manageable product for the cats. These cat trees are Armarkat Cat Tree Housereliable, the best selling products in the market. Moreover, the brand is  well known being their quality products. This cat tree is the best for kittens and small cats. This is best in looks which the white and beige colors. The posts covered with natural sisal rope and soft material used in its overall covering. Durable product made for the long time use.


  • It is a great unit for scratching, climbing and relaxing.
  • It is made from attractive pressed wood.
  • The wood part covered with fleece.
  • It looks nice in the room.
  • Easy to assemble.

3. FirstWell Small Cat Tree House with Multi Level Activity Centre

It can maintain the weight of small cats which should be of 7 pounds. In addition to this,  they can easily climb, exercise Firstwell Small Cat House & treeand explore other new things in it. The small cats will definitely enjoy in the tree as well as have fun house with their companions. Firswell cat tree house can easily assemble as per the instruction. These houses have good looks being beige color. It constructed with the high quality material though it gives a place of exercising and playing even in the cold water. Its shape is like a natural condos which gives a classical look in the house. You can adjust it anywhere in the house even in your room. It has various ways for entertainment which includes house hang on rope, perches and scratching posts. Overall it is the perfect product for the cats to play and enjoy.


  • Tree House can easy to assemble which is available in beige, grey and blue colors.
  • It made with fiber board and provides friendly environment.
  • It has best quality items with a lot of things for entertaining your cat.