Petmate Jumbo Cat Litter Boxes

Petmate cat litter box is one of the popular and easiest litter boxes. They are maintaining the cats, with the help of  huge covered feature. Litters are designing for securing the cats from the yucky odor and finally save from bacteria attack. They are easy to clean and comfortable in use boxes. They are also featured with the long high walls so that if you have a cat which is big and use to do urine in standing position it will save the waste come out from the box and help to stop the odor.

These are the best option in the other hooded boxes. Because they are not only durable in material but also available in the market with the economical price. Petmate litter box can afford multiple pet owners who may not afford any other type of litter. These litter boxes have a big body which helps in maintaining the odor to come out from the box as well as spread all around the place. This odor may cause the worst environment in the house. So that it can control.

Top 3 Petmate Jumbo Cat Litter Boxes

In all other litter boxes which are in use in market for the convenience of the cats and also the cat owners the petmate jumbo cat litter boxes are the best choice and they  can also use for the big cats. They designed especially with large body and high walls so that cats can live in it with in good condition and feel the care of the owner as parent care.

These cat litter boxes are good in features and price as well. They are the perfect choice in all situations means they are all in one solutions. They are comfortable for both big and small cats and their kittens. If you have a cat which using to do urine in standing position and need to secure from the odor out and mess in the floor around the box. These high walls also help in this condition and easy to clean. There are Top 3 Petmate Jumbo Cat Litter Boxes are discussed here for your convenience:

1. Petmate Cat Litter  Box & Pan,  Jumbo Hooded

This is a litter which is reliable and comfortable for the high quality litter needed and meets with all your Petmate Hooded Litter Panneeds. These jumbo sized litter boxes which are convenient to accommodate all the concerning requirements of your cats. Its material is of fine quality and save the box from the stains and molds. This is also odor controller litter box which can help the cats and the other members in the house from the attack of germs and bacterial infection. It also seems good to place in the house.


  • This is a jumbo sized hooded litter pan.
  • Litter box made with micro ban which helps to work against the increment of stains and bacteria.
  • Jumbo is a great and durable product with high quality.
  • This size measurs with 22 by 18 and 18.5 inches.
  • Litter included with assorted colors, pan sand and crystals.

2. Petmate  Cat Litter Box – Kitty Jumbo Pan Hooded 

This is a petmate cat litter box with complete features as well as it helps in managing the waste of the Petmate hooded pancats. The litter made with the material which also helps in odor free feature and included with 4 liners. An easy product to clean the box besides, it helps in saving the pets from the diseased infection. It has micro ban antimicrobial material body which is of high quality. The filters, most noteworthy which adds in its packing are of carbon material which works for the freshening of the litter box.


  • Quality material used in its construction for the best health of your cats.
  • The high standard of quality set while manufacturer in USA.
  • This is the product which is using from many years.
  • Made with the micro ban material.
  • No latch lock attached with the hood of the pan.

3. Petmate  Litter Dome With Clean Step

If you have cats which love to have a private place to live and do their things then this petmate clean stepPetmate Dome litter Box litter dome may perfect product for them. It is shaped in round dome and small steps and offers a discrete place for your cats to go around. It also helps in controlling the odor from the box. All the things which are concerning with the care of the cats included in it. The innovative design of the litter box, however makes it different and nice from others.


  • It is a time saving and affordable cat litter box.
  • It is different in shape from the others.
  • Made with the durable material and fine plastic.
  • Advanced look.
  • Helps to control smelly odor.