Water Proof Outdoor Cat Shelters

Most of the people have a view that the cats are not as friendly and loyal as the dogs are. But this is not the perfect logic regarding these pets because cats are also very loving and friendly with their owners and they love to spend a lot of good time with them. Cats’ owners really want to have an outdoor cat house or outdoor cat shelter for their cats and this is not a bad idea at all. Cats love to spend time outside the home and they may feel the natural things rather than live in the house.

So for the cat security reasons if you cannot send your cats outside the house and you feel that it may be a harmful decision to send them for roaming outdoor. There are a lot of outdoor cat shelters available in the market and those all made with the specific features and good in price. So that they feel easy to get those shelters and it is also good for their cats’ security. These shelters built with different material and can also adjustable in your lawn or backyard of the house.

Top 3 Outdoor Cat Shelters Review

Most of the cat lovers have cats as pets though these cats are very loving and caring pets to them. Cats are sensitive pets for their owners and they love to have a quality and fun time with their owners. They love to have a lot of fun with their owners. The cats also love to stay outside the home and enjoy the things doing in waterproof cat shelter. They love to scratch, climb and jump and these all things may not be done perfectly at home. If cats will do these things at home then it will be harmful and problematic for the home furniture the carpets.

The cat owners may feel that their cats must be easy and convenient in living at the place where they can do all the activities without any problem. They can feel the place of their own and without any restrictions they feel easy to play, jump and climb. Cats are the wonderful pets and they are very precious to their owners. So these cat outdoor shelters are very fine and especially designed for the cats’ care and security. we are going with Top 3 Outdoor Cat Shelters  for discussion with you now:

1. Pawhut Outdoor Cat Shelter Wood House 2 Story

Pawhut double story cat shelter is designed with the roof.  It is best addition in the home for the indoor as well as for outdoor cats. This is made for the smaller sized animals and it also seems nice and classic at your home. This is well appreciated place for the cats. Moreover, this is ideally made for the pets. It is designed with the indoor lounge and stairs and roof top with the balcony in this cat shelter.


  • This is a double story wooden cat house.Pawhut outdoor cat shelter
  • It made with the water proof material.
  • The house included with lounge, rooftop and a balcony.
  • Outdoor cat house is perfect outdoor shelter for the cats and the small dogs.
  • This is a weather resistant cat shelter.
  • It is a durable and light weight cat house.

2. Petsfit Weatherproof Outdoor Cat Shelter House

Petfit outdoor cat shelter is the perfect warm house for the outdoor pets. Therefore, cats will feel comfortable in this wooden house. The panel walls of this outdoor house made of thick wood which are 12mm. This is a sturdy though dine looking cat house. The material used in its making is durable and perfect which can be used for the long time. The size of this cat house is best for the normal sized cats which have at least 12 lbs weight. This is the best house for the long lasting use. The cat house id well ventilated and you can put blanket and some heat stuff in it in winters.


  • Petsafe outdoor house is a weatherproof solid and durable cat house.Petsfit Outdoor Cat Shelter
  • Especially designed for the normal sized pets.
  • This is easy to assemble with pre-drill hole.
  • It has grey and white trim and made with the water based paint.
  • This is ideal for outdoor cats.


3. Petmate Outdoor Cat Shelter – Kitty Kat Condo

This is a nice looking petmate kitty cat condo for the outdoor cats. The floor of the condo included with the warmth floor carpet  as well as encourages the cats for the scratching and healthy claws. Kitty kat condo designed with the heed which can runoff as well as rain cannot enter in this condo. This is a durable and perfect material cat house. It is the best for the both weathers winter as well as for summer. This can assembled easily as instructed in the manual.


  • This cat outdoor shelter is designed with the hood shaped roof.Petmate outdoor cat shelter
  • Petmate cat condo is best in all weathers, warmth carpet in the winter as well as during cool in summer.
  • Easy to assemble outdoor cat house.
  • This is best in rainy seasons because its hood design will secure from rain.
  • This constructed with structural foam.