3 Outdoor Cat Playhouses

The cat playhouse is very interesting for the both cats and the other small pets. The cat owners want to have the products which may make their pets happy and satisfied. These houses mostly needs to place outside the house so that cats can easily do what they want in playing, jumping staying or relaxing. Moreover, outdoor cat houses are convenient places for the cats. Built them with the feature of healing as well as with the heating pad inside the house. These playhouses designed especially for the matter to adjust them outside to the house so that they must in perfect shape and easy to use in winter season too.

There are a lot of products and the trees and houses for cats are available in the market and those all very much well know. Those play houses may have a lot of good features and convenience material used but they may have no comfort for your pet. So when you go for purchasing the pet play house then you should especially take a one solely for the playing and resting of the pets, you have to see the features too. There must be checked the quality of the material and the stuff used for its making.

Top 3 Outdoor Cat Playhouse Review

Cats love to play and do some naughty things with their owners as well as alone of their companions. They definitely go for entertaining its kittens and give them complete comfort in all types of activities. These playhouses are especially designed for the motive of giving them a place where they can easily play and sleep as well as relax even outside the house. The fabric used in the houses making is very nice and soft which will not be the harmful thing for the cats.

Outdoor cat playhouse houses give a chance to the owners too to maintain the routine and petting. Petting is no doubt a loving hobby and the people who love to have cats as pets can understand the nature of cats. They most of the time may hug you or want to stay in your lap. But as you don’t have more time to give them in your all day routine, you must go for having a playhouse along with cat window perch for your kitty. There may become a little problem for you in selecting the best house for your kitty then you can see these Top 3 Outdoor Cat Playhouses discussion here:

1. ABO Gear Kitty Compound Outdoor Cat PlayHouse

This is a great outdoor playhouse for your pets which is safe and sound for them. They can play in it ABO Outdoor Cat Playhouseeasily and it is made of net which helps them to take breath easily. The indoor pets mostly love to play outside of the house but they mostly afraid and the owners also don’t want to take any risk. This is a great product in this matter and it has zipper doors from both sides and an attachable fun run feature in which kittens will love to run and play. This is the house which can be adjusted in the back yard, deck or the balcony. Its pop up mechanism is quite easy to do because it up in some seconds and down with a flash.


  • It is a very good playhouse for almost all sized cats.
  • This is features with the pop up mechanism.
  • Cat playhouse never needs to assemble with tools.
  • It has zippered doors from both sides.
  • Cat can easily take breath in it as well as can play for hours.

2. Wildwhiskers Feline Outdoor Fun house For Cats

This product is outclassing feline fun house by the wild whiskers. This is especially designed for Wildwishkers Outdoor Playhousegetting the fresh air and healthy environment for your pets. This is the best play area for the outdoor pets. You can also do camping with your pets with this funhouse. It is also the best thing to have sun bath for the cats. Fun house easy to fold, easy to store as well as can use again and again, as and when it needed. It is extremely durable, light weighted, portable and easy to secure or stored.


  • The perfect funhouse for the kittens and the large cats.
  • This is perfectly light weighted and easy to use.
  • Breeders mostly love this product.
  • It is a weather resistant product.
  • Easy to store by folding.
  • The new pet can easily and safely adjustable in the house.

3. Kittywalk Outdoor Cat Playhouse and Enclosure

Kittywalk cat enclosure made with the durable net though very much healthy for the cats as the small pets. The cat enclosure made with the durable material and has the high quality so, it can use for the long time. It can easily store after folding it. It is easily adjustable in the back yard and the lawn so that they can have the best and fresh environment.


  • Kittywalk constructed with net which gives the favor of visibility and ventilation.Kittywalk Outdoor Cat Playhouse
  • This is a weather resistant play house for the cats.
  • This is completely enclosed with 2 doors.
  • It can be easily carry for the traveling.
  • Durable and high quality material used in its making.