Top 3 Organic Cat Foods

All cat lovers and owners got much worried recently when the news of spontaneous cat deaths broke out globally. The fault was found to be in processed cat foods that are contaminated with harmful chemicals that cause serious health diseases in cats. This is why organic cat food is becoming a much popular choice these days because these foods promise good health and proper nutritional fulfillment of your cat’s body needs.

What is Organic Cat Food?

Organic cat food cat meals processed without having any traces of chemicals as well as having any pesticides present in them. Mostly, the purpose of organic cat food is to feed your pet cats food that does not contain any harmful bacteria. It is also important to remember that all organic cat foods are free from all types of animal by-products that make it much safer to consume in comparison to ordinary food.

1.  Organic-Organic Castor and Pullox Healthy Cat Food

Without any artificial flavors as well as added preservatives, the Organic-Organic Castor and Pullox healthy cat food come with real chicken goodness though wholesome flavors. This food even has the organic flax seed that promises good fur for your cat! There is nothing better than a beautiful cat with amazing health!


  • 100% real chicken stock extractsCastors Organic Food
  • Real chicken wholesome as well as rich flavor
  • It is perfect combination of organic peas, brown rice, and salmon
  • Richly packed with nutrients and minerals in balance
  • Moreover, it contains organic flax seed which is beneficial for cat skin and fur
  • Presence of fatty acids and natural fibers
  • All pure natural ingredients

2. Newman’s Premium Canned Formula Food for Cats

Cats live chicken and fish in all forms. Hence, these organic food flavors are just the perfect choice to make sure your cat gets the best healthiest meals without getting bored of the same food every day. You will find this pack of food very economically priced as well! The best you can ask for.


  • Healthy combination of chicken as well as fishNewman Organic Cat Food
  • 24 cans in pack; each can is 5.5 ounces in weight
  • It has no artificial flavoring
  • No added preservatives, though it is perfect for healthy weight maintenance
  • Suitable for all age of cats
  • It is not also natural source of minerals but also vitamins too
  • No wheat or corn included
  • Facilitates easy digestion & weight regulation

3.  Blue Buffalo Dry Organic Cat Food Life Protection

One thing that you always look for in the food you buy for your cat is a meal that is rich, flavorful and wholesome! The blue buffalo dry organic food promises good taste and health and it comes in an array of flavors as well!


  • Large 15 lbs. weighing food bagBlue Bafaloo Organic Cat Food
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Furthermore, it is available in chicken, fish as well as turkey flavors
  • Balanced and wholesome cat meal


Organic Cat Food – More Nutritious

The one thing that has been revealed after extensive study on organic cat foods is that it is multiple times healthier than average processed animal foods. In fact, the nutritional value of organic foods is at least 10 times more than standard cat food. One can find higher amounts of antioxidants and fatty acids in organic foods as well as essential nutrients.

Benefits of Organic Cat Food

Organic foods, just like human beings are also very beneficial for cats and other animals. This makes it easier to understand the vastly increasing trend of organic cat foods these days. Here is a quick round-up of the health benefits that organic foods offer to cats.

  • It is not out of place to mention that organic cat food is easier to digest.
  • With obesity increasing at an alarming rate in animals, organic foods help to regulate the body weight of cats at a moderate level.
  • Organic foods make the fur of cats softer, smoother as well as shinier.
  • The antioxidants boost the immune system of cats which prevents them from various health problems and diseases.
  • The pure and natural goodness of foods keeps the cats energized and active throughout the day.