Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Boxes

We are going to discuss the complete details of the omega paw self cleaning litter box probably, it may help you in maintaining the cats and choose the best litter box for your cat as per the need and the requirement of your pet. These litter boxes can easily clean your cat’s feces as well as waste just in 60 seconds. These are the comfortable and easy to clean boxes. They can use for all types of cats big and small. They have designed with a grill which separates the clumped waste and it directs the waste to the pull out tray.

These are the boxes with the privacy and large sized for the big cats. These are for both maintaining and self cleaning litter boxes. They can work their selves and become comfortable overall. They are the helping hands for the owners of the pets so that they can work for your convenience. These are the best litter boxes with the odor free feature.

Top 3 Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Boxes

Cats are the loving animals and they are the caring pets for the owners and also they love to play with their owner and walk around the house and rooms. They are easy to maintain and almost, adjustable in a any space of the house. They seem good and nice to place in the house. The cats are trained for litter in the box so that they go inside when they need to do urine. Their waste can be pulling out from the grill to the wasting tray so that they can be cleaned and washed easily.

Every household has his own requirements and needs as per his pet because he knows how to maintain his pet and the house environment too. These are suitable for every size of cat and used for the multiple households. It also doesn’t need any electricity to use and also have normal usable filters which are not expensive. There are the Top 3 Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box which we are discussing here. These are:

1. Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box #1 All the Time

This is a roll away self cleaning litter box, subsequently which helps you to clean the place of your pet Omega paw self Cleaning litterand this is the box which cleans in some seconds. There is a grill in the litter box which is unique and separated the waste which helped to pull out to the tray. This is a large litter box and comfortable for the big cats and usable for the multiple house owners. This is not made for the electricity use but also noiseless which is good and save you from the headache with the noise. It doesn’t need any expensive filter to maintain the yucky odor in it.


  • Portable self cleaning litter box.
  • It is also an easy to use box with comfort.
  • Needs no electricity or liners or filters in it.
  • This is programmed for cleaning automatically.

2. Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box, Regular

This is a regular sized self cleaning litter box. Moreover, it is comfortable for the one cat and its kittens. It has a patented grill in its features which helps in pulling out the waste from the box, and also collect  garbage all the waste of the cat. It works automatically and clean after every use. This is the box which works and cleans the place in some seconds. The pet owners who love petting and secure their pets from the bacterial infection and yucky odors must go for this product which not only secure their pets but also save their time of maintaining the box.


  • This is a self cleaning product.Omega Paw litter box regular
  • Usable with ease and convenience.
  • Furthermore, waste in the box collect in the pull out tray.
  • Quick in maintaining and easy to disposal.
  • This litter box cleans by itself with rolling to right and then back again.
  • It is easy to assemble by the easiest instructions.

3. Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box, Omega Paw Roll n clean box

Roll n Clean Omega Paw is the litter box which can be the best choice of every user. It is a roll and clean self cleaning litter box as well as it is easy to carry and made with the durable thick plastic. It doesn’t need any electricity or liner for using. Just works as rolling and clean the box from the waste. This also becomes the cause of saving money and time of yours. It is an affordable product for multiple house owners.



  • You no need to work a lot with it just rolling and cleaning the waste.
  • The grill in it works to separate the litter from the clumped waste and also put all waste in the scoop.
  • You just remove the tray and disposed off the waste.
  • This box is literally great product for the big cats.