3 Modern Cat Tower Trees

As it is knows by all that cats need to have their privacy while doing special things like pee and poop. They also want to have the time of relaxing in the place they feel fearless. They love to play and enjoy the time with their owners and also with the partner. This all probably possible if you have modern cat tree tower in your house. By thinking about these all matters, you must have an idea in mind to have a place at home.In collection of all these features perfectly, you can manage a well play tree tower according to cats’ needs.

There are many trees and poles available in the market. Therefore, these can use for the convenience of cats as well as for the cat owners. Some of them are very reliable and comfortable for your cats. There are some modern cats’ towers are introduced in the market which are well featured and perfect trees for the cats. They can maintain everything according to need of your cats. As a cat owner needs a cat litter box so that the cat can easily stay in that box and conveniently deal with its waste. It also featured with the stylish functions and they will be relaxing for you and your cats.

Top 3 Modern Cat Tree Tower

Modern cat trees are designed with some special features and these are more convenient for them. There are modernistic cat gyms in these modern cat towers. They also have cat litter box which will helps the cats to do their things easily and privacy they most likely find can also be there. Cats will love to have this modern three as their home. They love and care about their owners and want the same from them. Cats do no doubt love animals.

These cat towers are made with the durable material so that they can be used for the long time. They are of high quality wood which is maintainable as well as comfortable for the cats. These cat towers are designed for the cats want to something new on that. They love to play, climb and enjoy the time spend. Cats are the pets who want to have good time with their owners too and these loving activities make them close to their owners. Here are some of the Top 3 Modern Cat Tower Trees are discussed for your convenience:

1. Sauder Modern Cat Tree Tower Woodworking Modular 42″

Modern Cat furniture is an interesting product and it gives a lot of benefits and features for making your Sauder Modern cat tree Towercat happy and excited with it. It has a lot of things in it in which the most important are climbing steps, hanging toys, scratch pad, bristle and bed. This tower with all these things looks like a jungle gym for the cat. These types of pet furniture help you to give your cats an interesting and excited environment. It has two nesting pieces in it which are interactive and create the environment of resting and having rest. The climbing steps are also interesting and made for playing activities of cats.


  • It has two nesting pieces create interactive tower.
  • Climbing steps with padding.
  • Sauder modern cat tree has an elastic string for hanging exterior toys.
  • It has molded bristle for rubbing.
  • Designed with fabric covered cushions from both sides.

2. The Refined Feline Lotus/Modern Cat Tree Tower

In previous years a time period was the bad time for the lotus cat towers company. It was called the bad The Refined Modern Cat tree towerquality product production company because of a product. The customers gave very bad and dis-satisfactory reviews which may cause the reason of the worst reputation of this company. For that issue they renew their all factories and focus on the high quality products. Now they are providing the best and durable products for their respected customers so that they can feel comfortable in purchasing their products.


  • This tower is brown Berber carpet attached with Velcro.
  • It has sisal pad which is perfect for the scratching.
  • Used soft cushions of faux fur material. Take it easy, as it is washable.
  • It has packing with tools so that easily can be assembled.
  • The length of this modern cat tree is 69 inches tall, 20 inches wide as well as 20 inches deep tower.

3. Vesper Modern Cat Tree – Tower Furniture

This is the best and perfect design which has innovative features and friendly with the cats. The VesperVesper Cat Tower Tree cat furniture company is especially focusing on all type of cat lovers’ requirements. They are working for the convenience of fussy felines and aesthetic tastes of cat lovers. This company of cat furniture is working on the stunning pieces of furniture for cats. These are the combination of cozy cubes, platforms as well as tunnels. Moreover, it has also placed with scratching posts. The perfect strategy adopted while framing this modern cat tree. The cube cave in the tower  made for the perfect napping of cats.


  • It is an elegant but the perfect line of cats’ furniture.
  • Awesome features connected which satisfy the cats and as well as the owners.
  • It has cube cave with 2 platforms.
  • Featured with 2 soft foams.
  • It is overall a great spot to play and rest for your cat.