3 Low Protein Cat Foods

The worse thing that can happen to your cat, when it gets diagnosed with a kidney or renal disease. No matter, how minor or major the problem is, although one thing that you need to do immediately is to control its diet. There is nothing but a healthy diet for your pets make it right!  More than that kidney problems need you to control the amounts of protein, phosphorus as well as sodium that your cat consumes on daily basis. To get rid of these issues, low protein cat food is best solution. These cat foods aiming to keep balanced health of your cats.

Low Protein Cat Food – A Healthy Life for Cats

Cats are in love with the protein they eat. Be it; red meat, chicken, duck, fish as well as turkey – cats love proteins but the truth is that they cannot really survive without it as well. Though, cats require high amounts of protein as a part of their daily diet to function effectively. Moreover, cats are referred as being ‘hyper-carnivores’ which means that cats depend on protein for survival.

Why is Low Protein Cat Food Diet Important?

If your cat diagnosed with a renal problem or kidney disease, it becomes mandatory that you put your cat on a low protein cat food diet or on a instinct cat food on an immediate basis. Of course, the one thing that will pop into your mind is that cats depend on protein for survival so will it be a good idea to put them on a restricted protein diet? Well, the truth is that protein restricts the kidney functions as a result of which cats will find it difficult to urinate and toxins accumulate inside their body.

Hence, it is best that they are put on a low protein diet as well as wellness core cat food. The best way to do it is by opting for processed cat foods. These foods contain controlled amounts of protein but have sufficient other nutrients that substitute the absence of other components like protein and sodium in the body.

What Needs to be Controlled other than Protein?

Remember that a low protein food not only means that you have to restrict protein intake of the cats. In fact, phosphorous and sodium are two such other components that need to be controlled simultaneously in the diet.

1. Hill’s Prescription Feline Renal Health Low Protein Cat Food

Hill’s prescription feline renal health diet cat food is a fulfilling and wholesome cat meal which serves the purpose well. It controls blood pressure while promotes kidney health at the same time.


  • Contains controlled quantities of proteinHill’s prescription feline low protein cat food
  • Contains controlled amounts of phosphorous
  • Facilitates kidney functions to work till an optimal level
  • Contains less salt to regulate blood pressure
  • Jam packed with Omega 3 fats for better kidney health
  • Its noteworthy that it contains high amounts of vitamin b3 complex to substitute body loss of essential nutrients
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Comes in a food pack of 4 pounds

2. Hi Tor NEO Low Protein Cat Food Canned

The first good thing about Hi-Tor NEO diet cat canned food is that it comes in packs of varying quantities. Secondly, it is made with all-natural ingredients that promote better health in cats.


  • Comes in two pack sizesHi Tor NEO low protein cat food
  • One pack contains 12 canned foods
  • Two pack contains 24 canned foods
  • Reasonably priced
  • Made of all-natural ingredients
  • No artificial flavoring
  • No added preservatives
  • Contains controlled amounts of phosphorous as well as of protein
  • Low in salt amounts
  • Well-balanced cat meal
  • Regulates body weight

3. PURINA NF Kidney Functions Low Protein Cat Food Diet

Purina is a brand that you can trust. Hence, its kidney diet food guaranteed to work amazingly to promote health and facilitating kidney functions at the same time as well.


  • Food packs; weighs 6 lbs.Purina NF Kidney low protein cat food
  • Contains less amount of phosphorus
  • Low in protein as well as Low in sodium
  • Rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Good for bone strength
  • Though, it provides ample energy to the cats
  • Regulates the urine of cats at normal pH level