3 Large Cat Scratching Posts

Who has the experience of having cats as the pets. Thy mostly known about all the activities of cats and their needs. All the cats need to scratch the furniture to remove their dead claw tissues.They can also get the new claw by doing these exercise. These all things need to have cat furniture like a large cat scratching post. By getting it, they will not go for spoiling your furniture at all. Sometimes cats do this on the carpet which will cause the harmful, consequently, it creates disastrous condition of your carpet at your home. To maintain these all issues there are many types of posts are available in the cat market.

The solution of securing your furniture from the scratching of cats is to provide them the thing which will give them convenience to do this activity. There must be the idea of a post or a pad which may design for the scratching of cats. These will give the comfort as well as ease to your cats. They can be satisfied by scratching on the posts. These cat posts must be designed as they provide the complete fun, jot and entertainment to the cats with the scratching. They can also climb and jump from that post.

Top 3 Large Cat Scratching Posts

There are a lot of cat scratching posts which available in the market to entertain your cats and pets. large cat scratching posts designed especially for the cats. Because of cats need to scratch their claws and remove the old dead nails from them. Most of the time, these posts are framing along with the cat trees. This make unique cat tree for pets. However,  small in size not usable for the large cats. These posts made for the large cats should be large as well as big enough. This will make the large cats can also easily scratching their claw on daily basis.

When you are going to buy the cat posts for your large cat you will definitely confused and think about the best product for the convenience of your cat. These are in different shapes, styles and features available in the markets which are especially made for the cats. So don’t you worry about this matter here we are going to describe the Top 3 Large Cat Scratching Posts which may help you to get the best one for your cat. That must be nice and convenient for your cat.

1. Amazon Basics Cat Tree with Large Cat Scratching Post

Amazon Basics cat scratching post is made with the two platforms so that the cat can stay and relax in AmazonBasics Cat Scraching Post - large cat scratching postthem. These post facilitate your pets for the sleeping and relaxing situation of cat. The scratching posts are available in various sizes. All sizes either large or small  can easily manage it. It designed with like a carpet places after pressed wood. the covered with carpet look give the soft feeling to the cat. The posts covered with the sisal rope which can especially use for the comfortable scratching of the cats as well as less harmful. It has also built with the stable base which helps it to stand easily and the curved rim on the top.


  • It has double platform indoor cat tree for the large cats.
  • The round top platform with the rim double makes it like small cat tree house.
  • It has 3 scratching posts which are covered with the sisal rope.
  • Easy to assemble by the given instructions.

2. Molly and Friends 27″ Sisal Wrapped Large Cat Scratching Post

Wrapped large cat scratching post is the best, simple and single cat furniture. Due to the large jug, this product is Molly Cat Scraching Postconvenient for the large kitties to relax in that bed. There are multiple posts in this product which are comfortable in scratching. Almost all these posts normally covered with the natural sisal rope. You kitty no doubt, feel easy and convenient while scratching. This is manufacturing in USA and the solid material used in its making so that it can use for the long time. The manufacturer used solid pine poles with the heavy duty screws to maintain the balance of the tree. This has a solid base on which all the weight of the tree stands and it comes in beige color which looks attractive.


  • It has large bed for all sized cats which may stay here.
  • Durable and high quality material used in its manufacturing.
  • All natural and thick sisal rope is used to cover its post.
  • It is a handmade product made in USA.
  • It is 35 inches tall cat tree with perfect post.

3. Trixie Bazar Grande Biege Large Cat Scratching Post

This Trixie Bazar Grande Scratching post cat tree is providing a lot of facilities to the cats. Scratching the post in friendly environment more than cat can easily relax in the bed. All the post covered with the soft sisal rope and a large bed made for the napping and relaxing of the cat. The tree shaped with the long haired plush material which is soft,fluffy as well as attractive to the cats.


  • Covered with soft and fluffy stuff.Trixie Cat Scraching Post
  • Hammock with metal rim.
  • Dangling pomp toy.
  • Scratching post covered with natural sisal rope.