3 Instinct Cat Foods

Instinct Cat food is right Feeding for your cat and it utmost important for entire health. After all, it is your responsibility to ensure the well-being and good health of your cat since you bring it home. However, feeding cats can be a very gruesome and tiring task because cats are the hardest-to-please pet animals of all times. They are very picky with the food they eat and have particular preferences too. However, it is important to remember that as a result of such behavior, most cats become deprived of the basic essential nutrients that they require to function optimally. Hence, it is important that you are aware of all the basic components that should be part of your cat’s diet for its overall well-being.

Essentials of a Cat’s Daily Diet (Instinct Cat Food)

As a cat owner, you are responsible for the good health of your little pet. Hence, make sure that you are fulfilling all the essential dietary needs of your cat.


Protein is one such element that is required in abundance by the cat and your cat will love it too! Have you ever seen Tom & Jerry cartoons where Tom always tries to madly get his hands on the lamb chop? Well, that is exactly the case for real life cats. They love low protein cat food; in all forms, shapes, and sizes.


The one thing that is not mandatory to be included in a cat diet is carbs. However, if your cat is outgoing and very active then it is strong advised to include some source of carb in its diet to provide it with the essential energy that it requires.


Fiber is of utmost importance for cats because it helps them in better digestion. Cats often suffer from gastric problems such as indigestion or constipation and fiber really helps them in that regard.


These are essential for all cats, regardless of their age or gender. Fats such as Omega 3 are known to promote bone strength in cats.


Essential vitamins such as vitamin A, C, and D are also a crucial part of the cat’s diet. Remember to include ample sources of vitamins for promising eye, teeth, skin, fur as well as joint health of cats.

Wholesome Cat Foods by Nature’s Variety Instinct

If you want to feed your cats foods that are wholesome and rich; then choose cat food products by Nature’s variety instincts. Instinct canned cat food made for well-balanced as well as nutritious with a healthy combination of ingredients. Moreover, that the best part this food is that all cats are crazy in love with instincts cat food!

1. Nature’s Variety Instincts Cat Food Grain Free Dry Canned

Your cat is guaranteed to fall in love after having this instincts’ grain free canned dry food. It does not contain gluten or any grainy particles though comes in a perfect combination of fruits, vegetables as well as proteins!



  • It does not contain glutenInstinct Canned Cat Food
  • Does not contain grains
  • Made of 95% protein and 5% fruit/veggie combination
  • Available in flavors; turkey, chicken, salmon, duck
  • Contains healthy Omega 3 fats for smoother fur
  • Clinically approved

2. Nature’s Variety Instinct Cat Food Grain Free

If you are worried about your cat’s diet, bring home the instinct cat food grain less. This food is rich in protein content although has 0% artificial flavoring or ingredients interference. Feed your cat all-natural goodness.



  • Rich in protein contentInstinct Cat Food dry
  • Neutral, balanced as well as  protein flavor
  • It is believable, it has no artificial flavors
  • No added preservatives
  • Instinct food has artificial coloring
  • It has neither gluten nor grains
  • Does not contain soy or wheat
  • Made of only 100% whole grains
  • Smooth in texture
  • Contains probiotic kick for active digestion

3. Nature’s Variety Instinct Cat Food Dry Grain Free Ultimate

If your cat loves chicken, bring in the dry grain ultimate cat food by Nature’s instinct. This cat food is prepared in chicken stock and has the richness of real chicken flavor.



  • Surely, it contains 100% real proteinNature’s Variety Instinct Cat Food
  • Contains traces of vegetables and fruits
  • The foremost, chicken is the primary flavor
  • Prepared in real chicken stock
  • Contain rich fibers
  • Facilitates easy digestion
  • Contain high amounts of Omega 3 fats