Healthiest Cat Foods

It is normal to get a little carried away being protective about your little pet cat! After all, that entire little thing is just so wonderfully adorable it is definitely hard not to be so caring about it. This is why most people prefer to keep their cats indoors at home; surrounded by immense love and affection all the time. It is such a scary big world out there – who would want to leave their precious kitty out there all alone? However, keeping your cat indoors means you are restricting its physical activity and therefore its health is at major risk as well. Hence, you will need to watch what your cat eats and strike an amazing balance as far as the diet of your cat is concerned. Healthiest cat food Brands offers look around the online cat supplies stores for getting a good diet.

Top 3 Healthiest Cat Food for Indoor Cats

There are just too many things that you need to get right when feeding indoor cats. Rather than trying to balance all the essential nutrients and minerals on your own, it is a smarter choice to trust healthy cat food which are processing in accordance to meet dire need of cat foods. Healthiest cat food for indoor cats have all the essential nutrients that the cat requires to function optimally on daily basis.

1. Purina Pro Healthiest Cat Dry Food

The Purina healthiest dry cat food is wholesome and fulfilling with all the essential nutrients that are enough for your stay-at-home cat!



  • Healthiest dry cat food bag having weighing 6 poundsPrunia Pro Healthy Dry Cat Food
  • Perfect combination of rice as well as salmon
  • Smooth texture though rich in taste
  • Furthermore, it made with 40 percent real protein
  • Boosted with vitamin A for better vision
  • Moreover, it Contains natural pro-biotics

2. Avoderm Natural Chicken Corn Free Healthiest Cat Food

Even corn is a source of carbs that should be avoided. The Avoderm Natural chicken corn free formula is healthy dry cat food which gives your cat a wonderful chicken meal with rich avocado flavors. This is certainly a treat for your kitty.



  • Food pack while weighing 11 lbs.AvoDerm healthiest cat food
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Well-balanced as well as wholesome cat diet
  • Key ingredient is protein though flavored with Avocado
  • No added wheat or soy
  • Made of whole grain as well as rich fibers
  • Anti-oxidation properties works well for immune system
  • Omega 3 makes the cat fur as well as skin smoother

3. Orijen Dry Original Healthiest Cat Food

The Orijen single source protein healthy cat food is great for digestion and aims to make the bones of your cat stronger! This is the strength you should give your precious pet.



  • Manufactured in the United StatesOrijen Pet healthiest cat food
  • 5 lbs. in weight
  • No grains makes digestion easier
  • Single source natural protein
  • Makes cat bones stronger

What Healthiest Cat Food Diets for Indoor Cats?

The dietary needs of cats that stay indoors are totally different in comparison to outdoor and stray cats. As a cat owner, you are responsible for the good health of your cat. Hence, you should have the primary knowledge about the basics of a good, wholesome and healthy diet for indoor cats as well.

Remember to Include Proteins

Cats love proteins and it should be the staple ingredient they are fed on! Keeping a cat away from protein is actually equal to punishing it. You wouldn’t want to do that with your cat!

Good fats are Essential

We tend to think that since the cat is staying indoors it needs to avoid all kinds of fats so that it does not get fat! While the concern is valid, it is not ideal to avoid fats, particularly the good fats. Good fats such as Omega 3 are the primary source of energy for cats.

Maintain a Healthy Water Intake

The Minimal physical activity of indoor cats can make them stay away from water as they do not get thirsty much. However, you need to ensure that your cat stays hydrated and has a healthy water intake.

Fiber for Digestion

Always remember to include fiber in your cat diet to ensure a good digestive system.

Avoid Carbs as much as you can

Carbs are what you should avoid feeding your cat if you want it to stay fit and healthy. Carbs of all kinds are not healthy for cats and make them obese.