3 Go Pet Club Cat Trees Condo Furniture

This go pet club cat tree products for the cats and the furniture made to entertain the cats is very interesting and good in use for the long time. These cat trees usually matched with your home decors and interiors. If you want a product which can give comfort to you and your cats then you must go for the go pet club. The cat trees of this company, contemporary designed and have the various features and elements which may attract your cats. These will suits and match with the home decorations and easy to maintain without creating any mess.

These are constructed with compressed wood which cover with faux fur and the material is very soft and safe thing for your cat. This is skin friendly which will not become a harmful thing for your cat. This not only designed well but also gives a look of traditionally cat tree. It has many layers which drafted for the accommodation of the multiple cats. The posts are also available in the houses which are the most important part of any cat tree house. Cats love to scratch so that it is feasible for them.

Top 3 Go Pet Club Cat Trees

This Go Pet Club cat trees made with the traditional designs and these designs are established with the modern features. It furnished with the compressed wood which maintained with the soft fabric of faux fur and match with the home’s interior. Cat tree furniture also designed with the multiple posts which are covered with the natural sisal rope and easy for the scratching. Cats love to scratch and this is their favorite hobby in all not only for the claws but also they love to mark their territory by doing this.

It also designed with the multiple ladders which will help the cats to go up and down easily because the tree is based on different layers which are made for the multiple cats. These trees look nice with the house decor and these suits with the looks of the house. They are available in different colors. Here some Top 3 Go Pet Club Cat Trees discussed as underfor your convenience:

1. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Beige Condo Furniture

This is the product which is easy to maintain and adjustable even with the ceiling. Its great feature is Go Pet CLub Beige Furniturecondo houses, consist with 2 condo furniture. Moreover, it uses for the sleeping time of the cats. They can take rest in these condos when they tired after playing, jumping as well as scratching. This is very easy to assemble. The tools and instructions given in the manual which can followed step by step. This condor furniture known as a huge tree for the cats because all the features are including in it which are condos, perches, hammock and posts and even ropes. These all are very much convenient and usable by the cats and they will love to have this tree as their territory.


  • This item is most of all, a big tree house for the cats.
  •  It featured with all the things which can need of the cats.
  • This cat tree made of pressed wood.
  • The wood cover with the faux fur material which is soft and sturdy.
  •  Posts adjusted with sisal rope which helps cats to overcome on their craving of scratching.

2. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo House Furniture Huge 87.5″

This go pet club cat tree is available in huge size and this has 5 condos, in addition to this, three are large and 2 are Go Pet CLub Cat Treethe small condos. These all are very  effective as well as comfortable for the cats. The cats can easily stay in these condos and feel comfortable in all the activities. There also two tunnels designed in the tree, though these tunnels and platforms framed for the more relaxation of the cats. Cats also love to treat with mouse so that it featured with the mice toys hanging in the tree. A leader and the swing on the middle platform are also available which give your cat a long time playing opportunity.


  • It is available in brown and beige colors.
  • It is overall in huge size with a lot of other features.
  • Posts are available with sisal rope and give comfortable scratching.
  • Board made with pressed wood and covered with faux fur.

3. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture 74″ Black & Brown Combination

Cat tree with black and brown combination is a good cat tree furniture for many activities of cats. This is a huge but big cat tree in which almost 5 portions are available and all are available with different features. Being a brown and black colored cat tree, it seems nice and best to match with the furniture of your home. It developed with durable material.


  • This colored with black and brown and both seems very nice and sophisticated colors.Go Pet CLub Cat Tree 74
  • Its overall size is about 74 inches height, 23 inches length and 35 inches of width.
  • Made of pressed wood covered with faux fur and sisal rope.