Catit Jumbo Cat Litter Boxes

As we know that cats also need some privacy and their own place to take rest and do their business all the day. These all needs make them easy and comfortable in all their day. These catit litter box is jumbo cat litter boxes which are easy and comfortable for the cats so that the pets can have the parental care. These are the large boxes with hood which are like room enough and there is a big space inside the box so that the cats can live in that box easily.

Catit jumbo cat litter boxes manufactured with the high walls. The waste of the cats as well as the urine can easily contain. They made with the durable and high quality material with thick plastic walls. These boxes are easy to fold and clean and also easy to carry on travel with you. These are with the transparent swinging door on the front of the box. It can easily fold and keep in folding on the top. Therefore, cats can easily enter and come out from the box.

Top 3 Catit Litter Box –  Cat Jumbo

There are a lot of catit cat litter boxes in the market which are especially made for the privacy of the cats and prevent the litter spillage. These are the easiest boxes to clean and fold as per the need. These can make the cats comfortably in and out from the box and the access of cleaning and pouring the litter.

These boxes have the carbon filter on the top and help the environment to be odor free and these are also affordable for all type of households and they also have the handle on the top of the box which makes you easy to carry. There are Top 3 Catit Jumbo Cat Litter Boxes which are discussing here:

1. Catit White Tiger Jumbo Cat Pan Litter Box

This catit white tiger designed cat pan is especially designed for the complete privacy and comfortably living of the cats in the box. It has two-way door which is made with the plastic material and makes the cat to enter in the box and come out from the box with ease and convenience. This is the better cat pan than the open one which has no privacy of the door and this is made with the perfect plastic material. It also helps to eliminate the yucky odors and used for the multi cat house owners.



  • It retains odors inside the pan.Catit White Litter Box
  • The box provides the complete privacy.
  • The two-way door also gives the comfortbility to the cats to come in and out easily.
  • This is a great product for the multi cat owners.
  • It also provides a magic filter which helps to maintain the waste of the cats.

2. Catit Litter Box Cat HaGen Hooded

This catit hooded cat pan is providing the privacy and it also retains the pan from inside. This is not only easy to assemble but also comfortable in carrying and handle with its durable handle. Its hood is easy to remove for the cleaning of the box and manage the yucky smells of the waste and urine of the cats. Its carbon filter is also specifically works for the odor removing and gives the scented fragrance to the cat and the surroundings. This is also measured about 10.4 by 9.6 inches. Catit litter box, an ideal multi cat box, can easily assembled.



  • This is perfect scented and easy to use catit litter box.Catit Hooded Litter Box -Catit Litter Box
  • This hooded box is a comfortable and easy to clean by removing its hood.
  • The filter for filtering the waste and the odor from inside of the box is also available with it.
  • Its handle is easy to grip and carry with you even in the traveling.

3. Catit Hagen Smartsift Litter Box

This is an automatic working box which can shift the chore out of litter with ease and comfortably. This is a simple and innovative catit smart shift box which can also help you in scooping which may help you to save time in scooping by yourself. It has a lever stand in its body. Litter box works automatically in removing and collecting the waste. It  gives the mess free space to the cat. Smartsift make it an easy usable product.  It can be even assembled by the children. Catis Box easy to open and efficient to clean. It is working with the setting of manual system and safe from the other electronic systems.



  • This is an automatic litter shifting pan which can take chore out of litter maintenance.Catit Smarsift Litter Box
  • It has sealed door which maximize the privacy.
  • This is a suitable product for all sizes of cats.