CatGenie Self Washing Cat Boxes

Having cats is not bad. But the pee and poop of the cats can hardest thing to clean and wash. If you become fed up from these all issues and disturbed by the messy waste, No worries, Just take one Refilling of the box again and again. Then, you must go for the cat genie litter box self washing. These litter boxes are designed with the high quality material and work like a helping hand for you. When you become free after a long day work and tired with work load then you have to clean the box of the cat which may filled up with the smelly and yucky waste in it.

For your convenience the self washing cat boxes are available in the market. They work automatically and used for long time because after wash they become neat and clean as you get the new one. They are adjustable and comfortable for the cats too. Cats never like to change their place of living and they can’t even adjust in new places so for this cause these auto washable tubs are very suitable products. You will have the thing which will secure you from doing this nasty business of cleaning box.

Top 3 CatGenie Self Washing Cat Boxes Review

The self washing cat boxes worked in very easy way and they are quiet controllable as per the need of use. These boxes are easy to assemble and used for the convenience of the cat owner and they work for the multi households. Some of the owners may believe on giving training’s to the pets for doing their pee and poop in a specific place but its sometime not works and for this wastage of time you must go for the self washing boxes which will solve your problem.

There are many styles and features of the boxes are available in the market and they may work well and also relief you from this pain of doing this act on daily basis. You can get the one which you think will suit to your cat and also helpful for you in cleaning. There are the Top 3 CatGenie Self Washing Cat Boxes which will be discussed here for your convenience:

1. Cat Genie Litter Box Self Flushing & Self Washing

This cat genie litter box is self flushing box. It designed  especially for those users who don’t want to touch the litter and change the boxes again and again so that they become clean. This cat box is not like the other traditional boxes. It needs clean and washable again and again but this is an automatic cleaning box. You just need to push a button and also can adjust the timer which will work automatically in washing and flushing the waste. It will also dry automatically and you will have no need to buy the new one. It will use for the long time and comfortable for your cat.



  • Unique design with self flushing and self washing and maintain the litter box by itself.CatGenie self flushing cat box
  • It is a user friendly product which is usable and permanently washable and no need to change again and again.
  • This is the ideal boxes for especially those homes which have more than one cat.
  • Its measure is 24 by 19 by 21 inches.
  • The manufacturer gives the warranty of at least 2 years.

2. CatGenie 21 Inch High Self Washing & Self Flushing Cat Box

This cat genie litter box is very comfortable especially for those users which have busy routine and want to be easy in petting. The waste of cats and the yucky odor is not affordable for anyone because these things may cause bacterial infection. To carry the heavy litter box and clean is not an easy task to do so for this cause you must need some assets which help you in cleaning the box without touching the litter. After the self washing of the box it gives 2 to 14 hours of cleaning and fresh environment. This box can be used for many times.



  • This is automatic washing and flushing box which washes itself.CatGenie 21 Inch High Litter Box - cat genie litter box
  • It requires to hookup to cold water and electric outlet.
  • This is for more than 3 cats of 6 months.

3. Cat Genie Litter Box Self-Flushing 120 Cat Box

You never need to touch or smell and buy the new one box again and again when you have the catgenie automatic washing cat box. The liquid drains away and waste gets flushed automatically. This is designed which have the water and easy flushed and washed again.



  • It designed for the waste away and washing automatically.CatGenie 120 Self Flushing box
  • This is ideal for the cats which have the size of 6 months.
  • It is included biodegradable, recyclable cartridge.