3 Cat Litter Trays

If you currently own a cat or have had one in the past, you will understand what it is like for your cat to poop or pee. The waste byproducts of cats are at least 10 times worse in smell in comparison to human waste. Interestingly, the toxins are releasing from the cat feces and urine are also more harmful than any other toxins that are releasing from the human body. This is why it is important that if you own a cat, you also have proper arrangement laid out for it to pass out waste in peace. A cat litter tray is the cheapest and most convenience solution in that regard.

What is a Litter Tray?

A litter tray for cats is usually a flat tray-like utensil that comes with thicker edges. The sides of the tray are usually rounded and are also heightened so that nothing falls off the tray after the cat is done pooping. Litter trays are compact in size, lightweight and very portable as well.

Tips for Setting Up

If you bring in a cat litter tray, you will also need to know how to set it up. Using cat litter trays is ideal to collect cat waste and dispose of it later. It is also convenient for the cats to know that they have a specific place to litter and their privacy is also maintained. Hence, you should know what the best way is to set up the litter tray for your cat’s convenience and comforts as well as your own!

Tip # 1

Always make sure that the litter tray places in a different location than the feeding area of the cat. Since litter trays are not covered, the toxins are likely to travel around in the surroundings and thus it will not be healthy for the cat to poop and eat in the same place.

Tip # 2

The cat tray should be set at a distance that is suitable for the cat. After all, your pet has to use the tray and it is therefore very important that the tray is in reachable access for the cat.

Tip # 3

Getting a single litter tray when you have two or more cats is not ideal. Cat litter trays are not pricey and therefore, one can easily afford a tray for each cat. Expecting the cats to share the litter tray is not right at all. It will only result in the cats creating a mess and fighting with each other. This will be more problematic for you.

1. Hometec The Original Lift And Sift

This litter tray is constructing to gather all the waste particles and accumulate them in one place so that they can be later dispose of the cat caretakers. The original lift and sift litter tray comes in a set of 4 trays. Each tray lasts for around 30 to 45 days on single usage. This tray is also designed to be water repellent and absorbs water on the surface which means that the pee does not leak.

Highlight Features

  • This litter tray is pre-assembled.Hometec Cat Litter Tray
  • It comes with a solid construction and very high quality, durable products.
  • The litter tray is framing always in a way so that no leaks happen.
  • This litter tray designs to auto-clean itself after a few minutes of being out of use.
  • Silica gel and clay incorporates in the formation of the tray. This promises longer durability.

2. Cat’s Pridekatkit Litter Tray Disposable

The Cat’s Pride Katkit disposable litter tray is designed to be light in weight, modern design and disposable. It is 100% all-natural and disposable material. Moreover, the litter tray comes with all required accessories included with the box packing. This means no extra expense has to be spared in buying the accessories or essential tools for the litter tray separately.

Highlight Features

  • This litter box is convenient and disposable for use.Cat's Pride Cat Litter Tray
  • The lightweight litter tray makes it very portable and easy to transport from one place to another.
  • The materials that is using in the construction of the litter tray are very high quality and durable.
  • The materials that are using for the product are also recyclable.
  • It is the best travel option for people who are always on the go and want to keep their cats with them.

3. Petsafe Scoop Free Litter Tray Refills

This litter tray is the most advanced product that you will; get in the markets. It is a litter tray that is built to be automated so that it can self clean. This not only is high quality but promises multiple times more added convenience for the cats using the litter tray as well as the cat owners who later have to deal with the cat shit.

Highlight Features

  • This litter tray is designed to absorb pee 5 times faster and more in quantity than an average tray or litter box.Petsafe Cat Litter Tray
  • It dries away the waste faster which makes it easier to gather all the dry lumps and throw them away.
  • This tray is designed to be 100% heat resistant, dust resistant and water resistant. This promotes a better quality of the product.
  • One tray is usable for 25 to 30 days.
  • The product is designing for increasing durability and portability.