Top Cat Window Perches

As we all know that cats love windows and they mostly sit on the window perches. These are mostly lovable in the winters because these are the sunny windows in the house. Cat window perch is the best place to sit for enjoyment. You can give the most comfortable and convenient place to your cats and its kittens so that they can do napping and watching the views outside the window. The window perch at your home can give the satisfaction and mentally happiness by having the outside view from that place.

Indoor cats mostly love to stay at home and enjoy spending their time with their owners so when they sit on the window perch they love to see the outside view and steamed their body under the sun in the winter season. They have the chance to feel the sounds and smell of the outside area within safe situations at home. These window perches for cats must be comfortable and soft so that the cats can sit easily and never feel uncomfortable. These perches mostly developed with wood as well as with soft carpet pieces. They must be durable and thick so that can carry the weight of the cat easily.

Top 3 Cat Window Perch

For your cat you have to go for the high quality and perfect cat perch which will be not only comfortable for your cat but also for you. These perches are almost lovable and interesting even to see. They are good in the home. You can go to manage these perches as per the color as well as per design of your home furniture. These are available in the market with a lot of shapes and colors. They can be the best to visualize from outside area of your house. These perches are mostly the best choice of the cats. Moreover, Cats want them to sleep and watch outside area. Similarly, outdoor cat cages also give open friendly environment to keep them happy in atmosphere free area.

There are a lot of qualities and features of these window perches available in the market but the best one will the one suits to your cat and comfortable and solid. These are mostly made of wood so that the fitting of the perch and the durability of the material should be perfect so that it can bear the weight of the cat. There are the Top 3 Cat Window Perches in the discussion:

1. Foam Cushion Deluxe With Fleece Cover Cat Window Perch

Fleece foam cushion deluxe kitty window perch is the easiest and convenient place for your kitty to stay foam deluxe cat window percheshere and have sunbath. It is the soft and comfortable place for cats. Its cover material is fleece and this is the perfect product for all concerns. It can easily attach with all window sills though can grip with the two support brackets as well as Velcro style fasteners. The foam cushion is featured for the soft and easy stay for the cat. Its fleece cover is removable and washable when needed. It is measured 23.75 inches long and 12 inches deep.


  • This is perfect sunbathing area for your cat
  • It framed and attaching all windowsills
  • Supported with two brackets and 2 Velcro style fasteners
  • It has made with the foam cushion which provides safety to the cats
  • Its fleece cover is washable

2. Original KITTY COT Best Cat Window Perch

Kittycot cat window perch is the unique and fine design of the window perch and this is made for the thrill andKitty Cot Cat Window Perch enjoyable moments of your kitty. This cat perch can attached with your window with the help of using patented giant suction caps. It developed in USA. The suction caps can use for its grip and can also bear the weight of 15 pounds each. This kitty cot is measuring of 26 inches long from the outside of the suction cups and 14 inches of width. This product framed with the strong as well as durable plastic pipes. The hammock can easily fix in the pipes. It made with thick and heavy fabric though it is weather resistant.


  • It mounts to windows by using the patented giant suction cups.
  • This is an easy to clean hammock fabric which is weather resistant.
  • It can ease to maintain by cleaning with soap and water.
  • Its frame made with the thick and strong pipes.

3. K&H Manufacturing Kitty Window Perch Mount

Window perch mount is the perch which will give the double fun to the cats because this is designed K & H Window Perch Mountwith double seats. This is the perfect window mounted playing and sleeping area. It designed with the steel frame, therefore, it is strong enough to maintain the weight of the cat. Even if the cat is large this strong material of frame will manage its weight. It is fixed with the strong suction cups which help the perch to be fixed and perfectly griped with the window. They playing in these window perches like they playing cat playhouses.


  • Ketty mount perch made for the 2 levels of fun.
  • It holds over 100 lbs.
  • Has sturdy steel frame.
  • Perch can easily fold up to allow the blinds to close when needed.
  • It is washable.